Living in Estero Florida? Looking for the best Estero Florida Tiki Huts & chickee huts? If so, consider hiring a reputable and reliable tiki hut company that is licensed & insured in Estero Florida. For many years, Monster Tiki, has been building the very best outdoor tiki huts in the market. Working in Estero Florida for many years, we can custom build your backyard tiki hut and convert your backyard into a TIKI OASIS.

Tiki Hut Builder Estero Florida

Tiki Huts Estero Florida

When deciding to install a backyard tiki hut in Estero Florida, know that there are many designs to select from. There is a hip roof style, double roof tiki hut, or even gable style tiki huts. The way the backyard tiki huts in Estero are made totally depends on what you want to accomplish. With many years of hands-on experience, Monster Tiki can help you choose the right design for your backyard. Choose from the many posts designs, then select the top structure and even the type of materials you want to use for the roof structure!

Tiki Hut Rethatching Service in Estero Florida & Beyond!

Estero Rethatching Professionals of tiki huts

Estero Tiki Hut Rethatching

Did you know that Monster Tiki is not only great custom builders of tiki huts but also rethatching experts? Working in residential backyard homes and in commercial businesses, Monster Tiki has the ability to thatch your project with new palm leaves and can transform any old roof into a brand new tiki hut!  Monster Tiki has worked with single post tiki hut umbrellas, square tiki huts, rectangle tiki huts and more, literally Monster Tiki can re-roof any existing tiki hut in Estero Florida, no matter if it was built by another company!

What will our team do for you?

The professionals at Monster Tiki will get to your job site, inspect your tiki hut, and check what needs to be done beforehand, this means prepping the area for anything unusual things we need to do( we at MONSTER Builders LLC have encountered things you will not believe! ).  Once that is done, our team will go ahead and start by removing the existing thatch from your tiki hut roof and another half of our team will haul it away. You see, as you may have guessed it, we are hauling the trash/debris away at the same time! This makes the whole job cleaner and safer for everyone. Upon completion, we will bring in new palm leaves for your new roof!

The excitement of the New Tiki Hut Roof!

After our team readily prepares the tiki hut roof for the new thatch we will go ahead and start the excitement of the new thatch roof installation. This requires know-how and experience, otherwise, you will see the stars at night when gazing up on the roof and see water pouring down through your roof when it’s raining. A professional tiki hut rethatch team like Monster Builders will leave the thatch roof waterproofed and watertight. Proud of our work we will go ahead and take some photos of the project upon completion.

Estero Florida Tiki Hut Rethatch

Estero Florida Tiki Hut Rethatch

Custom Tiki Huts Designs in Estero Florida

When looking for tiki hut builders, know that not all builders are the same, nor to focus on the pricing too much, too many times we get calls to FIX our competitors work. We do and do not as this is a case by case basis. We won’t get into details but know that cheap pricing is not everything and will either make or break your view on tiki huts, we try at Monster Builders to provide competitive pricing and we excel at what we do! There is one secret we will reveal that will blow you away at why we believe we are the best.

Tiki Hut Designs Estero Florida

Tiki Hut Designs Estero Florida

Why is Monster Tiki the best at tiki hut building(Secret Revealed)?

For many years Monster Builders has encountered issue upon issue with different styles of building and thatching, our team has provided tiki hut solutions for over 50000 projects to date, our secret to our success is simple and will apply to almost everything in life: we love what we do. That’s it.

You see, there is a difference in building a tiki hut and building a tiki hut that you will love to show to the world. This is a fact, too many times our competitors beat us to a project, not because they work better but because they offer low bids, bids that will cut into their materials and more.  So this limited budget only gets them so far. But not going into details, we at Monster Builders LLC will not only over deliver, but will surprise you in what we can do for you. With many different custom designs and different ways we can build your tiki hut, you will not only be in awe but will be EXCITED to start your project!

What to do to start building a tiki hut with Monster Builders?

Contact Us and get a free quote. Simple & Easy Process, View some of our tiki huts projects and get familiar with what we can do for you, follow us on Facebook and stay in touch with us, we are professionals and are dedicated to our clients and will be more than happy to assist or answer any questions or concerns you have!

Tiki Huts Estero Florida

Tiki Huts Estero Florida

Monster Tiki Huts Contractor Service Locations: Estero Florida,Zip Code 33928 & Beyond!


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