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Looking for a professional fence installation company in Lehigh Acres, Florida? Monster Builders LLC can pull your next fence permit and install any type of fence you want. We are local to Lehigh Acres and would love to work for you in your next fence project.

Monster Builders LLC is the premier fence contractor in Lehigh Acres Florida. We have the experience and the motivation to install any type of fencing, from vinyl, wood or even aluminum picket panels. Working for clients in backyards and commercial locations in Lehigh Acres & all of Lee County for many years, we have not encountered anything we can not do. Our fence prices are competitive and our work the best and up to code for the best fence installation process you can imagine!

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Lehigh Acres Florida Fence Professionals

What we have learned over many years is the fact that more then often, a fence is more than just a fence, in reality, it actually provides a peace of mind knowing what area you can do what you want to do and what area you cannot, literally, a fence will provide you with a visual of what belongs to you and most importantly. Will Keep Out what is not suppose to be there. We have installed fences for Privacy, Home Protection, Dog Walking Parks & More. Contact us for your next fence project in Lehigh Acres & get to know why Monster Builders LLC is the best fence Co. In Lehigh Acres Florida!

Lehigh Acres,Florida Fence Company & Installers:

  • Repair & Replacement of Fence Sections

  • New Fence Installations & Layout Ideas

  • Fencing Solutions

  • Fences for Residential & Commercial Locations


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