Monster Builders LLC has been working around Florida for many years and we have seen first hand what building tiki hut would cost. Some costs depend on the materials being used and luckily we have been the go to tiki hut construction team for many businesses and people who want to add a tropical flare to their backyard. There are many different designs and ways to build a tiki hut. For the most part, if you build the tiki hut from strong and durable materials, the basic construction cost would run start at $3000 and up, this would be excluding any permit or architectural fee needed to obtain the permit.

Tiki Huts vary in shapes and designs,types of materials used and ultimately the labor fee to build them on site.  For basic small tiki huts made of inexpensive materials can run as little as $2500 in local areas to an installer,while the same build and more elaborate tiki huts with solid cypress or pressure treated lumber for overall structure can run at $3,200. Some examples:

10 x 10 -$2500-$3200
12 x 12 -$3200-$4000
30×30- $20,000-UP

Of coarse, if your tiki hut installation is large or elaborate enough to require engineering and a permit, the costs will definitely increase.These two items will depend entirely on your city, so check and verify before you install a tiki hut.

What to get, Budget Friendly Tiki Hut Vs High-End Options

Tiki Huts can be very basic, or they can be very elaborate, some things to consider when looking at your budget is that the more work, the more wood, the more time you use, the higher the amount you will pay for the tiki hut. This same concept applies to different sizes, the bigger the tiki hut, the more you will pay, the higher the tiki hut has to be, the more different type of work will be involved, for example a tiki hut that is 8 ft from ground to underside girder will take up different lengths and materials then a tiki hut that is 12 ft high. The length,diameter and even way you build the tiki hut will change, scaffolds and other construction materials will be required. The larger the wood required for a specific job, the more man power you will take as well.Some other aspects you would want to consider is what you want to use as the ground for example:

These are some of the most popular ground finishing touches and will also affect the overall investment towards obtaining a tiki hut.

At the end of the day, the benefit of the tiki hut in your backyard will make the difference for what you will be willing to invest in your new installation. There are different options towards building your tiki hut, either standard materials or traditional lumber, take this into consideration when looking for a new tiki hut. Your contractor you hire can tailor the tiki hut design so it can match your landscape, your layout and even you budget. Tiki huts with solid builds are not only better for you, but more safe as well. You will be sure to enjoy your new tiki hut paradise when the project is completed and will cherish the moments under your personal backyard paradise. Some perks of having your tiki hut installed is the fact you can enjoy your tiki hut on rainy days since the roof will be water proofed, you can create an outdoor living space,add a bar or large entertaining area, and more, you will always enjoy your outdoor hangout spot!

So if you are ready, and want to add an extension to you home, consider a tiki hut, where you will be comfortable throughout the year! Contact us to get started with your new tiki hut project!


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